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Hyde Park – Another One Lost to Progress

Hyde Park was one of the earliest and heavily used amusement parks in Indian Territory – Oklahoma. Hyde Park was built by the Muskogee Electric Traction Company which was the streetcar company for Muskogee and it opened in the summer of 1905. It saw heavy use through the 1920’s when floods and finally a tornado ended its run.

Hyde Park had it all, steamboat rides on the Arkansas River, a huge roller coaster, rides of all types including a minature railroad, a midway, a penny arcade, a roller skating rink, a ballroom, a billiard parlor, restaurant, a theater, and much more. During holidays and special events tens of thousands would make their way to Hyde Park by Muskogee Electric Traction trolley, steamboat, and from Fort Gibson & Tahlequah and all points East by Nevins Ferry & Frozen Rock Ferry to take part in the celebrations.

Even before the site was lost to metal detecting by the expansion of the Muskogee Water Treatment Plant and the later building of the pipe yards, it was always a tough hunt because it was most of the time grown up in thick weeds. A hard winter with large heavy snowfalls would beat the weeds down some and parts of the area would be huntable though tough. One of the last hunts my father, my cousins, and myself had in the middle 1970’s produced one of the best Seated Liberty Half Dollars we had seen to that date found by my cousin.

Sad again that another great site was taken out by “progress”. If a site is not grown over by a metro area, then the Corps of Engineers probably put it under a lake. Thought some might like to see the information.

Here is an article from the April 12, 1906 issue of the Muskogee Cimeter newspaper about the preparation for the second season opening of Hyde Park in 1906: