Indian Territory Treasure Hunters Club
Tulsa, Oklahoma


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a picture (image) of one of the latest finds?
Get your mouse over the image you want, then right click your mouse and choose "save picture as" and then select a path and file name. Click OK/Save and you now have a copy of the image file on your hard drive.

How do I use my ITTHC email alias?
Let's say your alias was (no this really does not exist, yet). You have your internet access through with an email address of You can give your friends/family either address but you can not mix the two. By this I mean you can't use or If you want your default/return email address to be from your email program you can select (if using mail program with Internet Explorer) MAIL, then OPTIONS and then the SERVER tab. You'll probably see an email address of in this field. Simply change this to and now when you email a friend they will see that your email address is instead of

I found this thing, I want to share it with you or what is it?
OK. You made an interesting find. You have an image of it (preferrably GIF or JPG format) and want others to share in your enjoyment. Or, you don't know what it is and want someone to help identify what you found. Post a message to the message board and be sure to include the IMAGE URL field so that others can view the image.

The image url will be the path to where the image file is located. For example, if you use AOL or Webzone for your dial-up access they provide you with personal disk space so if you uploaded this image to their server you would have a URL of or for example.