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Thank You!
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Thank You!

Once again, for the 46th time, big thanks to all those ITTHC members and non-members for their help in making this hunt go as smoothly as it does. And the club as a whole for their continuing support of this hunt.

Thanks to Vickie Owens for doing her Traditional great job with the registration & camping fees collection. And again it is the Creek County Fair Board that sets the camping fees for the fairgrounds, NOT the ITTHC.

Jim Nobles did his Traditionally great job at dual service on the prize board and the Buttons & Bows Hunt. Thanks again Jim. And also a big thanks to all those donating prizes to the hunt.

And a big thank you to the detector manufactures, detector distributors, detector dealers, ITTHC club member and those non-club members making prize donations to the 46th ANNUAL Indian Territory Treasure Hunt. It is a big part of making this hunt one of the best in the country.

Thanks to Cody Reese and Greg Wicks for running and burying the Deep Buried Competition. Thanks guys! Also, thanks to the crew for the marking and stringing of the fields. Thanks go out to all of you club members and non-club members that were there stringing, burying, re-burying, helping in the concession, carrying the trash out, cleanup after the hunt, and more.

And one more time a Big THANK YOU to Cathy Young for volunteering to head up the concession and doing an OUTSTANDING job! And past few months has been a very trying time for the Young family. And it was great to see Miranda getting strength back and even helping in the kitchen. Thanks to the Young family and all the rest of the kitchen crew that did a great job on the concession operation.

Thanks to Gary Young for doing his Traditional great job on the Kid’s Hunt and calling Bingo! Thanks to Jean Dick for getting it all organized on Saturday, the whole crew helping with checking the Bingos that evening, and all those that donated prizes. .

Thanks to Bob Freeman on his Traditional great job with his 40th ANNUAL Gold Coin Raffle.

Some have held these “Traditional” posititions many years and it is what makes the hunt go so smoothly. Many of these folks did many other jobs in preparing for and putting on this hunt. And again thanks to all those club members that put in time on the hunt to make it one of the best in the country.

And Thank You to all those attending & entering the hunt and supporting the activities surrounding the 46th ANNUAL Indian Territory Treasure Hunt.

If I have forgot anybody or anything it is not intentional. I will blame it on old age, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Because as Bob Freeman says “Man, are we gettin’ old.”