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Maps & Aerials of the Hayden Area
In Response To: Hayden I. T. & Freedmen Payments ()

And now for a few maps & aerials of the Hayden, I. T. area. The first is a crop out of the 1896 General Land Office (GLO) Township Map for Sections 11 & 12 showing the location of the Hayden Post Office in the NW4 of Section 12. (again scroll way down)

Next is the current USGS Topo for Section 11 & 12. The purple area that covers where Hayden, I. T. was located is a photo revision showing that the area has been strip mined & reclamed. If it ain’t one thing it’s another. If a metropolitan area doesn’t grow to cover a good area, the Corps of Engineers puts it under a lake, or it gets strip mined & reclaimed. “Asi es la vida”

Cropped down to show only the NW4 of Section 12 & NE4 Section 11:

Also a 1941 aerial showing the NW4 Section 12 & NE4 Section 11 with the Hayden townsite marked:

And an enlargement of the Hayden townsite area. Hayden had a postoffice until 1936 and the town was still some what there to the 1950’s. The resolution of the aerial is not great but you can make out streets and structures that were still there in 1941.

And finally a Google Earth of Sections 11 & 12 where you can really see that most of both sections have been strip mined & reclaimed.

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