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I use the word "our" as I feel all 6 of us on this show represent our hobby. I expect and will personally accept all good and bad criticism of our show. Personal attacks......take it to the treasure squirts site, as thats where it belongs.

Please understand, this is a 22 minute program. This show is about a friendly competition at some of our nations OFF limit sites. Its about the history behind the finds and sites, and of course the characters involved. I can assure everyone, the 6 in this show know the ethics of metal detecting, and yes we did stress points on this matter while filming but it doesnt mean it made the edit room cut.....the show is only 22 minutes.

Hundreds of hours were filmed of us dig'n everything including the trash "wasnt much of that at the places we went", and when you have 22 minutes, I doubt much of the trash dug makes the highlight reel......with this said, we havent seen any of the finished product, but I would be willing to bet only the high points were used and Im cool with that. I wouldnt want to watch people dig trash in a 22 minute program.

Between the 6 diggers on this show, we have a combined 128 years of metal detecting experience.

I can assure you these things, if you like to laugh, enjoy seeing some awesome stuff found, enjoy the history of the site as well as the items dug and the adventure of the dig, you will enjoy this show. I believe I can speak for all 6 involved here, we had a great time making these 6 episodes and hope you enjoy the show.

I suspect my biggest critics wil be out in full force, well, come on wit it!


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