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Another Source for Finding the Sweet Spot

Below is an another example of an almost ghost town in Oklahoma. The first image is an extract of the business district of the near ghost town from a circa 1900 Fire Insurance Map. The map was produced by one of the competitors of the The Sanborn Map Company and was eventually bought out by Sanborn. The fire insurance maps are good for finding the locations of business buildings, dewellings, railroad depots, etcetera. Some of the more detailed will show privy or “little house behind the big house” locations on the lot, which if it dates before statehood may have Territorial bottles in them. The Tulsa City-County Library has a large quantity of the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps of Oklahoma towns for multiple years available online and only requires a library card for access. Maps for other states can some times be found online at other sites on the internet.

The second image is a 2014 Google Earth view of roughly the exact same area of the same near ghost town. And you can place exactly where the different businesses were including the 2 saloons that were in business at the date of the map. As always a scout trip will be needed to see if the area is clear enough to detect. Fire Insurance Maps along with other maps, GE aerials, Historical Aerials, and written historical information are great tools for finding those “Sweet Spots” where the old coins and artifacts can be found. Remember it is “Location, Location, Location”.

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