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Even With a Railroad – Town Disappears

Below is an example of another town in Oklahoma that vanished. There are hundreds of these type sites just in Oklahoma. This town had a post office from the 1870’s’s until the early 1900’s. The town was almost in the center of Section 9. The population of the town when it was largest was 500-600.

This image is an extract from the 1897 General Land Office (GLO) Township Map of Section 9 and where the town was located.

Here is a current USGS Topo for Section 9.

Here is a 1962 aerial of the townsite area and below it the February 2015 Google Earth aerial townsite area. There are very few signs of the town that remain.

Once more there is a lot of good research material out there on the internet for all us metal detectorist, use it. And a good starting point are the “Related Links” on the ITTHC website. Thought all might like to see an another example.

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