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Scavenger Hunt, Chili Supper Blow Out, & Bingo!

On Saturday, February 18th, ITTHC held our annual “Scavenger Hunt, Chili Supper Blow Out, and Bingo!” The first part of the annual event was the all-day “Scavenger Hunt”. The club had allocated $100.00 for Mercury dimes for the Scavenger Hunt. About a dozen ITTHC members participated in the Scavenger Hunt in hopes of redeeming even junk for Mercury dimes. For the Scavenger Hunt hunters could hunt anywhere & everywhere for the whole day keeping everything they dug including all the junk. At 4:30 p.m. they met at the Creek County Fairgrounds to display their finds and in hopes of winning Mercury dimes from the categories drawn.

Roger Eaton and John Hayworth were in charge of the Scavenger Hunt, would draw the categories of items that counted & handed out the Mercury dimes. What a great way to spend a Saturday in February, digging in the dirt and winning silver dimes for trash as well as treasure.

And there were some really good finds made by members while out detecting during the Savenger Hunt. Here are a few that were reported.

A Diamond 6-Lever lock, 1917-S Standing Liberty Quarter, Indian Head Cent, 1935 Dewey Dog Tax Tag, & a 4-H pin found by Bob Cook.

And a 1912 Broken Arrow Dog Tax tag found by Wally Dick.

A World War 2 vintage Amateur Softball Association – Coca Cola Aware with the WW2 eagle & “V” for Victory charm for a charm bracelet, a Sterling link out of a “Sweetheart” bracelet, & Marine Corps lapel pin found by John Freeman Sr.

A United Confederate Veterans 1913 Greenville Texas Reunion Badge and a 1901 Barber Quarter, a couple of Indian Head & Wheat Cents found by Shaun Kucera.

Here is what the UCV badge looks like complete and non-dug with the internet website sellers price listed. A fairly rare find.

And a collage of the days activities:

Chili Supper Blow Out & Bingo!

And for the most important event of the day, Chili! There was an abundance & many varieties of outstanding Chili. There were 41 ITTHC members lined up to partake in the bounty of food. One was able to make oneself miserable by sampling all varieties. There were also some great side dishes & desserts. We met the goal of “Tis better to have too much than too little”

A BIG THANK YOU to all that brought the outstanding bounty of Chili and sides!

Following the annual scavenger hunt and chili supper, 41+ club member families settled in for a fun night of playing “Bingo”. There were 33 ITTHC member donated prizes and $200 in prize money provided by the Club. Cody Reese did the calling and the spinning of the bingo cage plus announcing the different games that were to be played. Greg Wicks helped with game-prize organizing and confirming Bingo! wins.

There were some lucky multiple game winners and Pam Cook took home the 50/50 raffle winnings of $71.00!

Again a big THANK YOU to all that made this a great day of activities for the ITTHC! For certain, it was a lively night full of laughter, camaraderie and friendship.