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Another Almost Ghost Town

First image is a fire insurance map of an another almost ghost town in Oklahoma. The map is circa 1900 and lists the towns population a 150 at that time. The town's population peaked at over 300 before starting to die out in the 1930’s and it probably has less the 15 population presently. From the map it can be seen that the town at this time had 3 general stores, 1 bank, 1 hotel, 1 elevator, 1 drug store, 1 saloon, 1 fraternal lodge, 1 livery, 1 foundry, 1 lumber yard, & 1 barber-pool hall. The town also had one of the railroad section houses for an extended time. The second image is a collage extracts from a USGS Quadrangle Map, a 1937 aerial, a 1954 aerial, & a current Google Earth aerial. The 1937 & 1954 aerials were not scanned at a very good resolution. You can follow the demise of the town through the years.

This town being on the railroad should have had merchant trade tokens. There are none known at this time. Again there is a lot of good research material out there on the internet for all us metal detectorist, use it. And a good starting point are the “Related Links” on the ITTHC website. Thought all might like to see an another example.