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A Little Information
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Did find your friend’s button listed in the school section of “Record of American Uniform and Historical Buttons” by Alphaeus H. Albert on page 322. Albert’s has no other information on the school. Could not find any what, where, or when information for a school that would fit the criteria on the button around the internet. Here is the listing from Albert’s book:

Albert gives a RV2 value on the button which at the time of the book in 1976. This would make it worth at that time approximately $2.00. Albert thought it a fairly common button even though he had no information about it listed. So who knows, it is just a guess and as we always say “It is worth whatever a buyer will pay.” Here is a listing of Scovill backmarks from “American Military Button Makers and Dealers; Their Backmarks & Dates” by William F. McGuinn and Bruce S. Bazelon. This should help date the button. The button appears in the photo to have some amount of gilt left. Soak it in ammonia for short periods taking it out to brush with a soft toothbrush. It should clean up a little better. But do NOT soak in olive oil like some recommend, it will lift the gilt OFF of the button. And a button with no gilt should just be dry brushed, wet cleaning will remove detail and patina.

An interesting find and still a puzzle to solve.

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