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Another Town Vanished From Map

Below is an example of another town in Oklahoma that vanished. There are hundreds of these type sites just in Oklahoma. The first is a combination of a town plat and a list of businesses for the town at that time.

This town had a post office from the 1890’s until the 1920’s. The town was mostly in the NE¼ of Section 21. All distances are measured from known survey points. This means that from these survey points you can measure the distances and be right on top any of the buildings.

The population of the town was 60 circa 1900 and the town did grow before slowly vanishing in the 1930’s & 1940’s. At the time of the plat there were 2 general stores, 1 drug store, one physician, a cotton gin &grist mill, and one blacksmith listed at that time. A large number of farm families from the surrounding areas would have been doing business in the town.

Here is the most current USGS Topo for Section 21 with the area of the townsite marked.

This image is an extract from the 1898 General Land Office (GLO) Township Map where the town was located.

This is an image of a page out of the Surveyor’s Field Notes giving the location of the town’s post office.

Here is the February 2016 Google Earth aerial covering Section 21 where most of the area of the town was located. There are really no signs of the town that remain. Have taken the measurements from the Surveyor’s Field Notes and used the measure tool in Google Earth to locate the approximate location of the town’s post office. By noting the latitude/longitude of the location in Google Earth, you can use your GPS to get close and be in the middle of the town.

Again there is a lot of good research material out there on the internet for all us metal detectorist, use it. And a good starting point are the “Related Links” on the ITTHC website. Thought all might like to see an another example.

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