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Ahhhh Monte Ne, Good Times….

….but not any more.

Had posted some of this information on the old forum. Just thought I would add a little more info & post about the Monte Ne area that the club has had outings to in the past. The last outing was in December 1997 when Beaver Lake was down about 12 feet exposing more area to hunt. One of the best finds on that outing was a Seated Liberty Half Dollar in outstanding shape found by ITTHC member Dale Carpenter, but I do not remember the date. The 1843 General Land Office (GLO) Township Plat Map show Campell’s mill already located there. Both the Federal & Confederate armies used the area during the Civil War. And in the late 1800’s William Hope “Coin” Harvey developed his Monte Ne Resort. Here are a few photos from the last ITTHC outing in 1997:

But as said, “Not Anymore”. From the below North Arkansas newpaper article of February 17, 2013, it appears they were trying to halt all metal detecting on Beaver Lake, which is in the Corps of Engineers (COE) Little Rock District.

All though, here is the latest Little Rock District COE regulations on metal detecting in the Little Rock District. The acquiring of a “Metal Detector Use Permit” is required for each Little Rock COE Project Lake. You will need to check with each project to confirm what is being enforced. The Monte Ne area as been disturbed by the Corps of Engineers more than anyone else.