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Mapping class

Would anyone be interested in a mapping class?

Just thinking (typing) out loud ... possibly something on the order of 1-2 hrs each night for 4 weeks?

Possible agenda:

Basic ESRI ArcGIS ArcMap use and how to benefit from the online resources.
Where to find older maps and how to import them into ArcMap.
How to Georeference your maps for proper alignment.
How to identify the homesites or hunt spots and add a marker.
How to export your data to send it to your phone or use the online mapping features.
How to collect your route with waypoints and import them to your map.
How to collect your find data (Location, Name, Description or Depth etc.) with your phone and send it straight to your online map.

It just depends on how much information you want to learn. I am by no means an expert but if I do not know the answer I can find out from my expert users.

These classes would be too long to present at a meeteing so I would have to find a place to host these classes.

I have also mentioned to Cody that I will be willing to do a presentation at a meeting to give you some overview of using GIS (Geospatial Information Systems) and how it relates to metal detecting.

Please give some feedback good or bad!

Bill (Burro)

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