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Barton Show Grounds

Here is a little more info on the Barton Show Grounds. As said before the grounds were used for carnivals, circuses, medicine shows, political gatherings and much more. The Barton Show Grounds were in use from the early 1900’s to the middle 1950’s. Can remember as a child attending a tent circus there in 1954. It was complete with the tent, circus cage wagons holding many of the animals, lots of circus barkers & sideshows. Here again is the 1922 plat map showing the location of the Barton Show Grounds.

Here is a Google Earth view of the same area. All of the East half of the Barton Show Grounds was eventually covered by the buildings of the old Trenton Farmers Market.

Next are a couple of pages from a 1922 & 1921 Tulsa World newspaper. The 1922 page has a advertisement for the Arabian Circus by Akdar Temple and the 1921 front page has an article on a raid & arrests at a carnival being held at the Barton Show Grounds. Obviously the Reno Brothers thought they were in Reno, Nevada.

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