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Tulsa 1913 International Dry Farming Congress

Some ITTHC members have dug different souvenirs & items from the Tulsa 1913 International Dry Farming Congress. Below are a few such examples. First is a dug up example of the the awards medals. Second is a more rare complete delegates badge still entact. Third is the only example that I have seen of a Tulsa Dry Farming Congress Key. Just keep scrolling down.

Below is an article about the medal taken from the Tulsa Daily Star issue of October 11, 1913. This article shows & explains the Obverse & Reverse of the medal.

Here are two Tulsa Daily World front pages that ran during the Congress. They are from October 22, 1913 opening day and October 25, 1913. The population of Tulsa in 1910 was 18,182. So to get 15,000 through the gates on one day, people were being drawn in from not only the surrounding states, but also the world. Besides the serious business of the International Dry Farming Congress, it was carnival and party time for Tulsa.

Here is an image of a combination of two postcards depicting artists renditions of the International Dry Farming Congress grounds. In both you can see the North end of the Fairgrounds Racetrack. You can also see that a special train depot was built to help handle the added train traffic bringing attendees to the International Dry Farming Congress.

An image from the Beryl Ford Collection of a horse race at the Tulsa Fairgrounds Racetrack in 1914.

And finally a extract from the 1915 showing the old Tulsa Fairgrounds and where the buildings built for the Congress were located. And a Google Earth image of the same area today. The buildings for the Congress were in the North Lewis Avenue & East Independence Street area. Have marked the location of the present day "Mr. Taco" stand on both images. It was a big event for early day Tulsa.

And again, ain’t it nice to live in a metropolitan area where most of the good, old, metal detecting sites have been built over? Thought some might like to see the information.