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Gold Rings, Coins, & Junk

The chart below will give you an idea of why to find gold rings, you must dig much of the junk. The sampling was first done by Fisher Research Laboratory’s president Jim Lewellen in the first couple of years after the introduction of the Fisher CZ-6 Quicksilver in the early 1990’s. As you can see at the time the chart was first published there were 161 rings sampled and you can see where the percentage of gold rings were indicated in the different ranges. Almost 70% of the gold rings fell in the foil & square pulltab ranges. Almost all of the light women’s gold rings with the larger stones fell in the foil range. Over the next few years Jim Lewellen and us Fisher representatives making trade shows, treasure hunts, & visits to jewelry stores across the country ended up sampling over 2000 rings. The percentages pretty well stayed the same. Thought some might like to see the chart.

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