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A Little Light on the Subject
In Response To: A Return to LeBosquet Mine Number 1 ()

Always thought it would be great to find one of the miner’s carbide lamps complete, but don’t think it will happen in the LeBosquet area. There has been too much bulldozer work pushing everything around. John Hayworth found a large amount of remains of one of the miner’s carbide lamps. And could make out a patent date of 5 – 26 – 14 (May 26, 1914). This was the date that Frank Guy was awarded the patent on his system of the water dropper in a carbide lamp. Below are photos of the lamp John Hayworth dug at the outing with the top one having the patent date circled. Continue to scroll down there is the diagram page of Frank Guy’s patent, on down a complete lamp like the one dug and a listing from the Shanklin catalog of lamps using Frank Guy’s patent.

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