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Modern Maps & Aerial of Watlington Area
In Response To: And A Fine Little Hoard It Was ()

Here are a couple of maps and an aerial of the Watlington area. The Google Map shows where Watlington is located West of London in relation to London & Heathrow Airport. The second map is an extract of an Ordnance Survey Topo map of the Watlington area. And the Aerial shows there are lots of fields to detect in around Watlington. Can almost guarantee that there are more Viking Hoards there. Because as we all know; coins, artifacts, & relics breed like rabbits. And England does have its share of rabbits.

So book your flight to Heathrow and there are several Bed & Breakfast Inns in the Watlington area starting at £ 58.00 a night. And who knows, you may become a “Hoard Digger” too!

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