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Thanks for Supporting ITTHC Amazon Assoc. Program

A big THANK YOU to all that have purchased & continue to purchase products and services, especially during this holiday season, through the ITTHC Amazon Associate Program from the homepage of the ITTHC website. Through the years this program has offset the cost of maintaining the ITTHC website. With ITTHC being an Amazon Associate this means that if you buy online at Amazon and click the Amazon Associate link on the ITTHC Homepage, the club will get a percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. The ITTHC percentage is now averaging close to 6%.

After clicking on the Amazon Associate link at the ITTHC Homepage you can then search for the item you are purchasing. ITTHC will get an average of close to 6% on each purchase from Amazon that originates from our Amazon Associates link.

Again, THANKS to all that have made & continuing to make purchases at Amazon by clicking to Amazon through our Amazon Associates link (see below) at the bottom of the ITTHC Homepage. Again, at no extra cost to you, you are supporting the ITTHC website and ITTHC activities. You will find the lowest prices for most of the items you are looking for to purchase. And Amazon has much, much more than books. If you are shopping online anyway, always check with Amazon. Most of the time they will have the lowest price on the items you are looking for and usually there is FREE Super Saver Shipping.

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Amazon Prime Membership Benefits

Thank you.