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Race Track(?) & Train Depot(?)
In Response To: Old Alluwe Schools Location ()

After spending more time looking at the 1941 aerial it appears there might have been a race track just North of the school area in the below aerial. It measures out to be a ½ mile track. Have not been able to find any information about it. One of our past ITTHC members, Howard “The Flash” Stanart (deceased), was born and raised around Alluwe and could probably told us all about it.

You can make out the bed for the railroad tracks real well in the 1941 aerial just to the East of the school area. The original railroad line was the Oklahoma & Cherokee Central Railroad and construction started in 1904-1905 time frame. Have circled an area North of the race track that could be a depot-siding area in the aerial below. The main reason the line came through this area was to service the Alluwe-Chelsea oil & coal fields.

Have included below the first aerial a 1936 ownership plat of the Alluwe area showing where the Stanart’s farm & homestead was West of Alluwe.