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Old Alluwe Schools Location

After the initial post on Old Alluwe several ITTHC members asked me about the location of the Alluwe schools area. The first aerial is a more modern one (2011) marking the location of the schools area. This aerial was taken when the lake level was below normal. And it would be best to detect the area at a low level elevation of the lake. But with all the driftwood laying around the area, you may have to wait until it rots away before you can detect the area. No matter what direction you come from it will be a fairly rough walk in to the area. It would be best to go in by boat. The second set of aerials is a side-by-side comparison of the area in 1941 & 2011. In the 2011 aerial you can see the foundations of all the buildings in the 1941 aerial. The latitude-longitude will put you right on the football field.