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Another Town That Bit The Dust….

….after being bypassed by the railroad. Below is another example of the hundreds of ghost towns in Oklahoma and adjoining states. Thought some might like to see another example of “Ghost Towning” from your computer. The first is a combination of a town plat and directory listing for the town. Again these type plats were made by the Dawes Assessment Surveyors prior to the allotments to tribal members. These assessments were made to provide a value for all land and improvements that had been made before proper allotments could be done.

The town straddled the Section line between Sections 10 & 11. All distances are measured from known survey points. This means that from these survey points you can measure the distances and be right on top any of the buildings. From the plat you can see the town had a cotton gin & mill with a gin pond. From the directory listing the population of the town was 100 circa 1900 before dwindling away in the 1915 to 1920 timeframe. There was a general store, one physician, a cotton gin & mill, and a blacksmith.

Here is an extract from the General Land Office (GLO) Township Plat showing the town in 1898:

Here is a 1936 aerial showing the area of the town. You can still see traces of the streets and a few of the old stuctures are still standing.

Here is the 2013 Google Earth aerial covering Sections 10 & 11 with the approximate location of the townsite marked.

Here is a little higher resolution of the town plat area.

And finally here is a streetview of the area. Have marked on the previous Google Earth aerial the spot from where the streetview is looking Southwest through the townsite. It appears that most of the area is good pasture.