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Opening of Relic Season is Upon Us

The traditional opening for the Civil War Relic Season in this area of the Trans-Mississippi Department is Columbus Day, October 12th. The dream for most relic hunters is to find that virgin camp, especially a winter camp, that no one has detected before. It is a difficult dream to fulfill because most long term camps are well documented in official records, regimental histories, soldiers diaries, letters, and in some cases even mapped & photographed. The Trans-Mississippi Department did not have but a fraction of long term winter camps that were in the Eastern Theater of the Civil War. In the East there could be multiple Armies in winter camps strung out over a very large area. Depending on the harshness and length of the winter weather these camps could be from 3 to 5 months long.

The Diggin’ In Virginia (DIV) Relic Hunts held out of Culpeper, Virginia have hunted many of the winter camps in that area. The reason winter camps can be so good to the relic hunter is that all the items that were accumulated by the soldiers to try and make their huts more “homelike” would be left behind upon hitting the war campaign trail in the Spring. They could only carry so much “stuff” on the march. These first few photos are of camps in the central Virginia area and will give you the general idea how the camps were layed out.

Keep dreaming & swinging that detector, that camp may be just over the next ridge!

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