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Alluwe Through The Years
In Response To: Old Alluwe 1941 ()

These next are maps and aerials showing sections 25 & 30 of the area of Old Alluwe at different periods. The first is from the 1896 General Land Office (GLO) township map showing the location of the original Alluwe Post Office.

This plat map shows the allotments that were made circa 1900-1905 in sections 25 & 30.

This is from the USGS 1914 Quadrangle map of the area.

Here is the 1941 aerial of sections 25 & 30.

And last the Google Earth aerial of January 22, 2015 of sections 25 & 30. As you can see, unless the level of the lake really drops, most of the Old Alluwe townsite stays underwater.

Thought everyone would like to see the information.

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