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Old Alluwe 1941

For those ITTHC members that have detected at the Old Alluwe townsite in Nowata County, below is an extract from a 1941 aerial photo that shows the extent of the town at that time. In 1941 Alluwe was probably half the size it was at its peak in the mid-1920’s. The oil boom in the Alluwe-Chealsea Field got its serious start in the 1905 to 1910 time frame. Population in 1920 was 1761, in 1930 it was 1302, and by 1950 it was down to 1152. By the photo you can tell that there were already many empty lots from which the houses had been removed. Many of the “Shotgun Houses” would have been loaded up and moved to newer oil fields of activity. You can even see the football field behind the high school.

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