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Fight! Fight! Fight!

This buckle is a find from some time back found in the area North of downtown. Just recently did some research on the internet about the buckle. The buckle has two boxers going at it in the ring in the center. Above the boxers is stamped “OKLAHOMA”. With “1947” framing the boxers on each side. Right below the boxers feet is stamped “AUG 14TH”. A globe is at the bottom center with “INTER” stamped on one side and “CITY” on the other side. It still has some of its nickel plating.

And here is the page from the “Chicago Daily Tribune” August 14, 1947 issue that has an article about a boxing match between the Chicago Catholic Youth Organization (C.Y.O.) and their “Intercity” rivals the Oklahoma City Indian Warriors. The article is probably a little too politically incorrect for today’s media. Making the assumption that the buckle was presented to those boxers that participated in the match, which makes the buckle a fairly rare find. And how about that headline, the White Sox actually beat Bob Feller!

Did find the below photograph that was sent out as an AP Wirephoto and was used in an article in the “Daily Oklahoman”. Could not find a copy of the “Daily Oklahoman” article online. As I say, lots of research information out there on those internets.