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Tulsa, Oklahoma


Birdseye View of Tulsa 1918

Below is an artist rendition of a birdseye view of Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1918 that many may have seen before. Just posting for those that might not have seen it. Have marked a few sites for reference.

What is interesting is that the new ONEOK Baseball Field was built just one block to the East of the old baseball field.

And the lake in Owen Park extended all the way to the street that became Edison Street and almost to the brick plant pit. Also had a channel running almost parallel to the street back to the paddle boat rental dock. The bathhouse & diving platform can also be seen. It also had an island. An interesting side note is that the late ITTHC member Denver McCoy’s grandfather was the manager/caretaker at Owen Park. Denver said you even rented a bathing suit at the park.

If you would like a higher resolution of this birdseye view email me and I can email you a file. It is a little larger than 5mb but the details are much easier to see. You can open it in a photo editing software like MS Live Photo Gallery and really zoom in.