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Badge – Electric Park – Vinita, Oklahoma

Here is an image of a nice and probably fairly rare badge from old Electric Park in Vinita, Oklahoma. This was found by ITTHC member Wally Dick some time ago in the area where Electric Park was located.

Could not find a lot of information about Electric Park in Vinita. And this is the only photo of the park found on the internet. It is a 1910 photo post card and shows the round swimming pool in the right half of the photo.

Here is a early photo of a private home pool that was fed by one of the artesian springs in the Vinita area. The spring is in the small alcove of the bath house. Don’t you know that water could cool you off on a hot day.


The following is an extract from a 2012 article in the “The Vinita Daily Journal” about the big 4th of July celebration in 1924 and the big doings at Electric Park

Here is the schedule of events for the 4th of July 1924 in Vinita, Oklahoma.

And finally here is the Vinita City Hall appropriately deck out for the 4th of July 1924.