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Tulsa, Oklahoma


University of Tulsa Area

For those of you that have detected in the area West of the University of Tulsa campus, thought you might like to see the below photograph. This image was taken in 1917 from the bell tower of the old Kendall Hall looking to the West towards downtown Tulsa right down 6th Street. I have marked the spires in the distance of the Holy Family Catholic Church that was dedicated in April of 1914. And at the left of the frame is marked the original building of Kendall Elementary School that was built in 1912, it was added to in the 1920's and an annex building at an even later date. It looks like it was the kind of day to spend close to a roaring fire.

And here is the 1911 plat description and plat for the proposed town of Kendall, Oklahoma that never came to fruition. But it appears they had big plans.