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Sand Springs Lake Amusement Park

Sand Springs Lake Amusement Park was another one of several that were located in the Tulsa area over the years. The lake and amusement park were initially built in the 1911 to 1913 timeframe by Charles Page. This first Sanborn Fire Insurance map shows the layout of the amusement park in 1914, before the flood and you will need to keep scrolling WAY down:

Here are a few images from the Tulsa Daily World in 1915 about the flood that washed the lake’s dam away and one about the rebuilding of the dam:

Here is the layout in 1925:

Here is a 1957 aerial view of the area around Sand Springs Lake and a tight view of just the amusement park and lake. And you can see by the level of the lake we were in the fourth year of drought in 1957:

Here is a 1967 aerial view of the Sand Springs Lake area. As you can see almost all signs of the amusement park and beach have disappeared. The yellow circle is the theater which is the only building remaining. And it will disappear in a short time to be replaced by a church building. The Sand Springs/Keystone Expressway is just being built:

Again, isn’t it great living in a ever growing metro area where most of the good old metal detecting areas get built over. And as the area looks today:

And finally here are a couple of montages of photos of the park from earlier periods: