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A Scroll Down 1903 Main St. Sapulpa

Take a scroll down 1903 Main Street Sapulpa. The following Sanborn Fire Insurance Map of 1903 Sapulpa, Creek Nation, Indian Territory shows some of the businesses and structures that were in that area in 1903. Hotels, Dry Goods, General Stores, Barbers, Confectionery, Pool Halls & Joints, and many others including a Bowling Alley. The Bowling Alley has no cover, so it was an actual alley.

I have kept the maps fairly large to make them more readable so you may need to scroll left to right as well as up & down to view them. In the 1903 Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps there were only three sheets for Sapulpa. The original maps were in color but most of the digitized maps were only black & white.