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Lakeview Amusement Park
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Lakeview Amusement Park was one of several that were located in the Tulsa area over the years. At a later time I will do a combined post on the ones I can find information. Lakeview was opened in 1947 and closed in 1976. As a kid in the 1950’s I can remember many of Lakeview’s July 4th fireworks displays that my family watched while parked along Mohawk Boulevard with hundreds of other families.

The ITTHC was able to arrange an outing to the closed Lakeview in November 1980. Here is the short article from the December 1980 ITTHC Treasure News:

On November 8 & 9, the meeting and a special hunt were held at Lakeview Amusement Park. There was a $5 fee to hunt anywhere on the 40-acre site. There were 49 entries in the hunt. Most of the fees collected went to the Shriner's Crippled Children Hospital.

There were planted hunts and an auction. There was a covered dish meal Saturday at 6 pm before the meeting.

The grass was high for the hunts and the lighting for the meeting was dim. (A Coleman lantern was used for additional light.) The meeting started at 7:30 pm and was held in the penny arcade room. Bob Freeman, Terry Humphries, Jack Mullen and John Freeman shared slides, maps and other details of the Jenkins Ferry outing. Mel McLain donated a $50 scrap car to the scrap metal project. ITTHC received a check from Lost Treasure magazine for new subscriptions.

The first aerial is a wide shot of the Lakeview area in 1954, the second is a tight shot of the Lakeview Amusement Park in 1954, the third is roughly the same area in 1967, and the last is the area as it is today:

And finally here is a 1950’s photograph of Lakeview from the boat ride looking back a one of the concessions area and a part of carnival game areas.

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