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June Meeting: Eye Wash & Extinguishers

June Meeting: Eye Wash & Extinguisher Collectables

Photos furnished by John Hamilton

The program for the ITTHC June meeting was on antique & collectible eye cups, eye wash products, & fire exstinguishers presented by Henry Tankersley. Henry is president of the Tulsa Antique & Bottle Club.

Henry brought a number of eye cups, gave instructions on their use, & explain the differences in their ages. The early eye cups were hand blown glass, would have no mold marks, & would have a nice pontil mark on the bottom. The newer eye cups would have mold lines in the glass. ITTHC club member Mike Mitchell fondly recalled for us his mother helping him in the use of eye cleansing with an eye cup.

Henry brought several samples of the old eye cleansing products and that some even included opiates such as cocaine.

He also had a few samples of the beautiful color advertising cards that were handed out at the period drugstores.

Another category that was covered was early attempts at home fire extinguishers. Henry had examples of some of the glass fire extiguishers. These were for use on small fires in the home such as stove top fires, lamp or candle started fire, a cinder flare up, etcetera. These were small glass containers filled with water, salt water, and different chemicals that could be thrown at the fire base by hand. The glass breaking, the liquid released was supposed to smother the fire out. One of my favorites was the German made mini fire hydrant. If a fire was very much larger the best part of valor was to find the nearest exit and wait for the fire or bucket brigade.

Again a big Thank You to Henry Tankersley for the very educational program!