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ITTHC Scavenger Hunt, Chili Supper & Bingo

These are pics of the members finds for the scavenger hunt that was put on February 21, 2015. During this hunt the members
will keep EVERYTHING that they find and they can hunt wherever they want and only on that Saturday. Prizes, silver dimes,
are awarded according to the different categories that are drawn. These categories are drawn in a random order and they can
be: The most pull tabs found, the best car part found, The most fishing lures found, The most copper found, The most aluminum
cans found, The most valuable coin found, The most pennies found, you get the idea.
Some of the pics are of the people that showed up, the food table, the bingo table prizes, the 50/50 raffle and the regular raffle.
All in all this is a very fun event that ITTHC puts on every year in February.