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First Seated and Half DIme

I got to get and hunt this past weekend with the beautiful weather. I was able to get a couple items knocked off the bucket list with my first seated coin and half dime. It just so happened they would be one and the same. Was hunting around a place I had found a few bullets in the past. The ground is a little mineralized and there is square nails in the area. I received a mid tone with a high tone coming through every once in awhile. I cut a good sized plug about 5 or 6 inches deep and checked the plug, nothing there, so i re-scanned the hole. This time a received a solid high tone, so i took a couple more shovel fulls out of the hole and rechecked. It was now out of the hole and giving a really nice solid high tone. Once I found the target, I quickly realized that I had a small disk of silver by what I could make out of the rim. I called Johnlightning over to just confirm what I thought and he said it looked like a half dime to him.

We finally got some water cleaned it off best we could without rubbing on it and sure enough. My first seated coin turned out to be 1853 half dime.

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