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Camp Shaver – Little Rock Arkansas – 1911
In Response To: Nice Find Robert - Video Link Included ()

Camp Shaver was the main lodging site for most of the Confederate Veterans that attended the 1911 Little Rock United Confederate Veterans Convention. It was established in McArthur Park. They stayed in the “luxury” they had grown used to during the War of 1861-1865. Below in the photo of the “Dummer Boy of ‘61” looking past his right elbow into the tent you can see the pallet on the ground that most spent their nights on during the convention. Camp Shaver had both Sibley tents & wall tents. The Sibley tents could comfortably accommodate up to 12 men.

Below are a few photos of Camp Shaver and a Google Map showing the location of McArthur Park in Little Rock. You have to admire the physical condition of most of these veterans. As the video stated most were in their 70’s & 80’s and camping in some what better conditions than during the war, at least they were not being shot at. And the majority would march the entire 3 mile course of the convention ending parade.

You think there might still be a few lost Confederate artifacts still laying buried in McArthur Park?