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Would You Like a Little Confection with Lunch?

Here is a token that Robert Franklin found recently in the Tulsa area. The token is not listed in the new Oklahoma token book. Jack Wolfe has a non-dug one in his collection and off the top of his head he could not remember who he got it from. It is a Tulsa token and among his network of token collectors his Cassis token is the only one known. So this is only the second known of this token to show up. Obverse: "Cassis Confectionery and Lunch" "Tulsa Okla." with the "Tulsa" blown out. Reverse: "Good For 5¢ In Merchandise"

This is the information for the only Cassis I could find in Tulsa. I found that there was a Charles & Helen Cassis listed in the 1930 US Census living in Tulsa. Charles was 30 years old and Helen his spouse was 33 years old. They had one step-daughter and one daughter. Charles Cassis probably came to Tulsa about 1915 to 1920 along with the oil boom times.

Here is the announcement of their marriage liscense from the October 31, 1922 Tulsa Daily World:

Here is their personal listing in the 1927 Tulsa City Directory:

Helen was working for the Tulsa Fix-It Shop and Charles was listed as a restaurateur with restaurants at 122 W. 4th St. & 827 S. Main. Here are the Street & Restaurant category listings from the same city directory.

The directory is just listing the restaurant locations in his name only, at a later date after he moved into the Adams Hotel he may have then called it “Cassis Confectionery and Lunch”. You would need to check all Tulsa City Directories from 1928 to 1940 to see if the “Cassis Confectionary and Lunch” is listed. And he may have closed the S. Main location after opening the W. 4th St. location. I only have a 1927 & a 1948 city directory and he is not listed in the 1948. The group that built the Adams Hotel did so in the 1926 to 1927 time frame to be ready for the upcoming 1928 International Petroleum Exposition.

Here is an extract from the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps circa 1930 showing what would have been his restaurant location at 122 W. 4th St. in the Adams Hotel.

Nice find with a little Tulsa history Robert!

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