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Machines, etc for sale

Health reasons have pretty much kicked me in the head and out of hunting. I have several machines, many old, and well as some reference books and other gear, to sell.

2 Fisher 1280x (one only used at last Club water hunt last month) other is several years old but worked last time I used it
Fisher hard case for 1280x
1 Fishers CZ-6 Quick Silver
1 Fishers 1225-X
1 Whites Coinmaster 1/DB
1 Garrett ProPointer never used

1 Dirt sifter
1 digging trowel
1 plastic sand scoop
1 4' (??) metal water scoop

Arms and Equipment of the Civil War Jack Coggins
Oklahoma Treasures and Treasure Tales Mason
Civil War Projectiles II With Supplement McKee-Mason
Harper's Pictorial History of The Civil War Gurnsey-Alden

Jefferson Davis porcelain decanter, circa 1987 Excellent condition

Really wanting to sell all as a package and I'll be posting in some sell-trade sites on line for $1200, but will discount the package to fellow club members for $1050.00.

Phone number is 918-622-6980.

I first joined ITTHC in 1969-1970 and it breaks my heart that I'm just not able to continue our hobby.

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