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Set of Civil War Official Records For Sale

“War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies”


Have for sale a complete set of Broadfoot Publishing’s reprint of the “War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies” that except for Volume 1 that was shipped unwrapped are all still in the original shrink wrap and in the original shipping cartons. Had bought this set to replace my set that was destroyed in a fire. But was able to salvage my original 9 Volumes – 19 books that covered the Trans-Mississippi Department which includes Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. My original set is dog-eared and highlighted from multiple readings (all the good stuff). With the new set you will have to do your own dog-earring and highlighting to get you started on research to find those skirmishes, campsites, and other areas of Civil War activity.

The set IS available in digital format on DVD and online for searching, or with a little effort, to read through. But by reading through the volumes you will find items of interest that you will never think to search for or phrase a search properly to find. Even with online search engines you don’t always find what you want with the first or the tenth structured search phrase.

Broadfoot’s current price for the set is $3,500.00+shipping and here is the link to their website page:

Army Official Records – Broadfoot Publishing,

My set is $900.00

If you or you know someone that is interested, give me a call or email at

I would rather sell the set locally instead of having to ship them.