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"Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head......"

……and other parts of the body. You did not have to get in the lake to get wet.

The club outing to Sheppard Point Recreation Area at Heyburn Lake on Sunday, June 22nd was a good one, even though we got a couple of nice cooling rain showers between eating and time for the planted water hunt. The high temperature was around the 88° mark and in addition to the cool rain there was nice cool water in the swimming area.

The club supplied hamburgers, hot links, hot dogs, buns, condiments, & chips. Roger Eaton again handled the cooking, I think it is now a Tradition. Good job Roger and Thank You! Thanks to John Freeman for picking up the food, supplies, extra scoops, and transporting them to the outing. And Thanks to John Hamilton for taking and storing the grill & tables and he will be bringing them to this Summer’s water outings. There were 43 members standing in line to chow down on burgers, dogs, and food brought by club members. Thanks to all those bringing the outstanding side dishes and desserts. If you went away hungry at this outing, again it was your own fault.

After the big feed there were scattered as evenly as possible 263 tokens in a 40 yards X 60 yards designated area. There were 13 tokens for member donated prizes, and 250 tokens for Silver Mercury Dimes. When the start signal was given there were 30 water hunters frothing the water. After 1 hour+ of hunting, all but 1 dime token and 1 prize token were not recovered. There were 4 to 6 old tokens found, several coins, and a few junk jewelry items that were shown. As you can see, we did not leave much to be found.

Member donated prizes: Headlamp donated by Lloyd Coke won by Bill Rouse. $5.00 donated by Jim Dill won by Ken Fanning. $5.00 donated by John Hamilton won by Lee Wierzchowski. $5.00 donated by Albert & Juanita Hayworth won by John Hamilton. $5.00 donated by Albert & Juanita Hayworth won by Mac Adams. $5.00 donated by Mike Mitchell won by Bob Cook. Digger w/ sheath donated by Chuck Marcum won by John Hamilton. Garrett cap donated by Chuck Marcum token not found. Swivel Headlamp donated by Bill Rouse won by Albert Hayworth. 4 - Eight-pack Eveready AA batteries donated by Greg Wicks won by Lloyd Coke, Mathew Fortney, Justin Ostrem, & Bill Rouse.

Some of the higher totals found were: Bob Cook 23 Mercury Dimes & 1 prize token. Ken Fanning 17 Mercury Dimes & 1 prize token. Lloyd Coke 16 Mercury Dimes & 1 prize token. Bill Rouse 15 Mercury Dimes & 2 prize tokens. Mathew Fortney 15 Mercury Dimes & 1 prize token. John Hamilton 14 Mercury Dimes & 2 prize tokens. John E. Freeman 15 Mercury Dimes. Lee Wierzchowski 14 Mercury Dimes & 1 prize token. John L. Freeman 13 Mercury Dimes. Chuck Marcum 13 Mercury Dimes. James Marcum 13 Mercury Dimes.

Again, one of the main reasons for this type of outing, besides the food of course, is to give non-water hunting members a chance to try their hand at it. Also, the fun and fellowship of being with people that enjoy the same hobby.

Again, if you missed this outing, you missed a great one. Don’t miss the next one!

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