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Bob's Gold Coin Raffle Winners
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Bob’s Gold Coins Raffle Winners!

Bob had a Great Gold Coins Fund Raiser this year!! This was the 37th year for Bob Freeman to chair this Gold Coins Raffle. This year’s First Place Gold Coin was a 1925-D U.S. $2.50 Indian Head Type Gold Coin, Second Place was a 1/10th Ounce U.S. Gold Eagle, and Third Place a Mexican 2 Peso Gold Coin.

Tickets for this fund raiser are sold only at the hunt site. The proceeds from this fund raiser, profit from the concession, and the split on the Bingo money are the only money that the club makes from the hunt activities. ALL hunt fees, plus the proceeds from the Detector Fund Raiser, and late entry fees are returned to next year’s hunt in coins and prizes.

And Denali draws the winners!

By being drawn for the Mexican 2 Peso Gold Coin Vicky Slagle became a winner on 3 draws on Sunday. Fiqure the odds on that. As the hunt was breaking up Vicky was heard chanting “Casino! Casino! Casino!” And Tribal Legend will probably show that one of those Tribal Casinos took a major hit that night!

Again, thanks to everyone for supporting the ITTHC fund raising activities. ITTHC members work hard to make the hunt one of the best and your support makes it easier.