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Finding the "Sweet Spot"

Finding the “Sweet Spot” location of any site can sometimes be augmented by use of the General Land Office (GLO) Township Plats and the Field Notes of the surveyors that did the survey. Using as an example the below Field Notes on the Choska Post Office and the “Measuring Tool” in Google Earth. The 29.00 on the left side of the Field Notes indicates that point on the line of survey is 29 chains (1814') down the line. And then from that point the Choska Post Office is 12 chains (348') to the South.

Also zooming in on the GE measured spot to get a very accurate Latitude/Longitude (LAT/LONG) position. Then with most newer GPS receivers that use a Wide Area Augmentation Sytem (WAAS) you can get to within ±3 meters of the measured position. But a GPS receiver is not needed, just get in close to the area and start detecting. You will find the "Sweet Spot".

Included are the extracts from 1896 GLO Township Plat and the USGS 1:24K Topo map, and the Choska PO measured location on a Google Earth aerial. Lots of good information out there on the Internet.

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