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A couple of Hunts

Following up on my post from Tuesday, I was able to get back out to the area I dug the .69 cal 3 ringers. I went out Friday afternoon with my uncle for about 4 hours and was able to dig another 24 bullets, a toasted button, and my first shield nickel (unable to see a date). But I was very happy to finally be in the right place after looking for awhile and not being able to pinpoint the location.

Saturday I was able to get over to the site with my brother in law who had never dug and civil war bullet. After setup up the XLT for him and sending him on his way, his very first signal that he dug was a .69 cal 3 ringer. He was happy the rest of day and did end digging another 9 of them. I dug another 20 bullets, but did not find any other buttons or coins out there. I know there has to be some hiding out there somewhere.

Surprisingly there was not a ton of trash out there.

This is the wrap-up of what I found so far at the site.

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