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A Good Day for Hunting Relics

Civil War Camp Outing, NW Arkansas, February 23rd

Well the weather was not as good as last years outing to this Civil War camp area. This general area, much more area than the 500 acres we had access, was used by both Confederate and Federal forces throughout the war. High temperature was only in the upper 40’s and a wind of about 25 mpg all day. The digging was was a little more difficult in the pasture areas due to the dry conditions. But the cultivated fields were easy digging. Again members got to see how moderate to high conductive (mineralized) soil conditions affect their detectors. And a good time was had by all.

We had 27 ITTHC members in attendance for the outing. Again did not get checked out with all that attended. From what I did get to see and what was emailed, there were probably another 50 to 100 bullets found this year. Ranging from pistol balls, Remington .36 cal. pistol bullets (Teardrop), .69 cal. "round ball thingies”, Minie´ bullets of various calibers including Sharps Carbine tie rings, Merrell Carbines, Enfields, and others.

There were more coins found this time due to starting in closer proximity to the 3 or 4 old house sites that are on the property. Some of the coins found were an 1839 Half Dime, 1897 Barber Quarter, a 1908 Barber Dime, Nickels, and Wheat Cents. Photos of a few of the finds reported shown below.

We had a member lose an iPhone at the outing and had to have AT&T shut it down to keep the cows from running up the bill by calling their sacred bretheren in India.

Hope everyone had a good time. And if you missed this outing, don't miss the next one.

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