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Old Court House

OK Bob... I am going to give this another shot as you requested :)

They tore out the old court house in my town last year and brought in fill dirt. So the first time I went out to hunt it when they removed the fence I got one wheat penny and ton of trash. I noticed that they were digging out the fill and the old dirt and starting to prep it for a parking lot. I went over on Saturday and got to hunt for about 2 hours. I ended up getting a 1902 V Nickel, a Indian Head and Wheat penny, WWI Coat Button, Watch fob and some buttons.

I ended up calling Jim Nobles when I was leaving as I knew he and his son were up North hunting. I told him they should stop and check it out when they come back through town. His son ended up getting a 1898 Morgan Dollar at the site. So I thought it would be good to check it out again on Sunday.

When I arrived at the site Sunday afternoon a few of the other members were at the site. I started hunting around the area that Jim's son said he found the Morgan and got a great tone. Only about 2 inches down popped out a 1906 Barber Quarter. (My First) John Hamilton took a picture of me just after I found it.

It cleaned up pretty well once I got home.

Hope to get back out there this weekend if I can, weather permitting and they have not started laying down an asphalt.

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