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It was a Beautiful Day for a Walk in the Country

Coal Mine Outing Report for January 18, 2014

The ITTHC outing to the coal mine area in the McAlester area on January 18th was another enjoyable one. There were 30 ITTHC members in attendence and the weather for January in Oklahoma was outstanding.

With the ground still being soft in spots we had to park along the highway and walk in to the area of interest. We still had a couple of members that did test the soft ground in the low area of parking.

Just about everybody found at least one miner’s check with 11 being the most reported. Other assorted mining related items and household items from the camp houses were found. There were more coins found than is normal for one of these mine areas. There were Barber Dimes, Mercury Dimes, V-Nickels, Buffalo Nickels, Jefferson Nickels, Indian Head Cents, and Lincoln Cents found in what was reported. Got reports from less than half of the members present.

The best find at the site was a MK&T RY (Missouri Kansas & Texas Railway) switch lock. Did not get a report from the club member finding it, so still don’t know who found it.

Here are a few pictures of the finds that were sent in with finds report:

Jody Groover did find a “GOLD COIN”, but it is a little hard to see in the picture above. Here’s a little larger picture:

Probably the best find of the day was an Indian Territory merchant trade token found by Bruce Martin. But he did not find it at the site. Bruce left early to visit a 99 year old Great Uncle of his wife Cindy. The Great Uncle was not at home so Bruce decided to hunt a vacant lot that was nearby and found the token. But hey, if he had not come to the outing, he would not have ended up hunting the vacant lot. Nice find Bruce!

Hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed the great January weather. If you missed this outing, don’t miss the next one!

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