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First SLQ

I had to work in Enid today and after I got done I headed over to a local park. I knew with the rain this morning that the ground would be good and soaked and
allow for more depth. The grass had just been mowed and I was sliding the coil on the grass trying to get as deep as I could. I had found several pennies and dimes down in the 5-6 inch range all clad. I was working my way back to car and blip of a high tone in between low tones. I could tell it was a deep target so I dug it. At about 6-7 inches I dug a nail and when I out the pinpointer back in there was another target deeper. One more scoop with the digger and I saw a silver disk in the bottom of the hole. When I pulled it out I saw the eagle on the back and knew I finally found a SLQ. No date, but I will take it!

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