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Medicine Show!

September Meeting: Drug Store Collectables

Photos furnished by John Hamilton

The program for the ITTHC September meeting was on Drug Store Collectables presented by Henry Tankersley. Henry is president of the Tulsa Antique & Bottle Club.

The Tulsa Antique & Bottle Club meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Martin Regional Library, 2601 S. Garnett Road, Tulsa, OK 74129

Henry’s main focus in drug store collectables is on paper label medicine bottles with the original box if possible. And by the few samples he brought with him in the pixs below, he does a pretty good job. And did some of them have some great ingredients. They probably wouldn't cure you, but they might just kill you! Not very holistic of them.

Henry informed us that after he retires he hopes to open a Drug Store Collectable Museum at some location. It would be great if he could find that old vintage Drug Store to restore for a museum.

A big Thanks to Henry Tankersley for the very educational program!